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House Removals – 5 Things That Should Be On Your Pre-Moving Home Checklist

The course of moving to your dream home has its own ups and downs. The upside is that you can finally stay in a house that you have been saving up for since the day that you have started earning. The downside, on the other hand, is that you have to box all your belongings and haul them over to the new residence. This can get catastrophic if not done right, so here are some of the things that should be on your pre-moving Home Checklist.


1. Make a catalogue of all your possessions.

Before you begin packing, scrutinise every furniture or collection you have, and make a note of their distinguishing factors. If possible, you can also take a photo of them. Doing this will help you ascertain that you know the current state of your stuff. Thus, in case they have been mishandled during the transference, you can easily pinpoint the issue and get some kind of reimbursement from the moving company.

2. Clear away the items which are of no use to you.
Sit back for a minute and think about the bits and pieces that you can and cannot live without. Those that are still useful to you can be placed on one side and get sorted later. The ones that you have no need for but may be beneficial to others can either be thrown in the garbage, sold in a garage sale, or given to a charitable institution.

3. Organise documents accordingly.

The tax records, land and titles, and other official documents that you used to store under your desk have to be organised in folders prior to the moving day, so as to verify that not even a single paper will be left behind. This can eventually lessen your worries about moving, since you know that the important files are already secured.

4. Contact the movers and cleaners.

This is an optional part, because your brand-new home may only be two blocks away from the current one, or there are a lot of friends and family members who can help out with the cleaning process. If you have neither though, it is best to contact the reliable movers and cleaners in town to speed things up. Try to do this at least a week before you are supposed to leave, so that there will not be any hassle along the way.

5. Do a final inspection of the house.

Once your possessions have been loaded properly, comb through the entire place to make sure that you have indeed packed everything. To be specific, inspect the built-in cabinets, the garage and the basement early on. Many is the time when people get carried away by the exterior refurbishments that may have been done on the house while the inside may be in a deplorable condition. Therefore, having an eye that is attentive to every detail will help you determine the overall condition of the house even before engaging the services of a moving company.

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If you can do all the things mentioned in this checklist, you may not think again that changing houses is as horrible as what other people claim. These are not difficult to remember, and it is fine if you want to add more items to check off. What matters is that you can instantly move into your dream home with lesser concerns.

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