Tooth Extraction: A Guide To Maintain That Smile

A great personality and confidence, accompanied by a beautiful smile, is a deal that will facilitate your success in every aspect. Even with regular maintenance of oral hygiene, there could be several reasons when a person might need to have a tooth pulled to ensure good oral health. 

Here is a guide to when and why a person may need a tooth extraction, the procedure, and why tooth extraction near me sarasota may become completely necessary in some cases.

When Is A Tooth Extraction Required?

There can be several reasons as to when a dentist might consider extracting a tooth.

·    When the decay is deep in the roots, it is beyond repair with crowning and filling processes.

·    Overcrowding of teeth and no space for new ones.

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·    Exaction of the wisdom tooth.

·    While using braces, some teeth might need removal to make appropriate space for the once moved.

·    There is an infection in the surrounding areas and bones.

Different Process Included

1.  Preparing

Tracing the dental and medical history is followed by an appropriate x-ray. The patient is then prescribed local anesthesia to numb the area and ease the process. In surgical exaction, the dentist might prescribe intravenous anesthesia, which ranges from conscious sedation to completely putting the patient to sleep.

2.  Process

The dentist will perform a simple extraction in case of visible teeth using an elevator and then removing it with dental forceps. Sometimes a small incision has to be made to remove an underlying tooth, which is the surgical extraction.

3.  Recovery

A dry, sterile gauze is kept for 30-40 minutes to limit the bleeding. Taking proper care post-extraction is important to prevent infections.


Although maintaining good oral hygiene prevents damage, sometimes a tooth extraction is inevitable, and therefore, early diagnosis and treatment become essential.

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How often do you use it?

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Where do we use it most?

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How to Ease Your Child’s Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is an emergency in many situations but before you rush your child to the dentist office, try out one of the home remedies first. Many toothaches subside when one of the following remedies is used and it saves a lot of time and hassle for both parent and child.

Brush Your Child’s Teeth

Believe it or not, food particles that become stuck in the teeth may cause tooth pain. A lot of kids find that brushing their teeth removes these particles and the pain. It never hurts to give it a try when your child is in pain!

OTC Pain Relievers

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Ibuprofen and acetaminophen pain relievers often relieve minor aches and pains associated with toothaches. Provide your child with a dosing based upon their age. Give the medication time to work and perhaps this resolves the problem.

Ice Pack

Ice numbs the area so it works well for toothaches. Many kids find the cold on their cheeks uncomfortable, so getting them to keep an ice pack on their mouth may not be as simple as you would hope.

Clove Oil

Expect your child to highly dislike the taste of clove oil but if enough gets in their mouth before they spit, it stops tooth pain nearly on contact. Just dab a bit of clove oil onto the affected area with a cotton swab.

Dental Help is One Call Away

Kids experience toothaches from time to time; it is a sad part of life. Nothing in this world hurts quite like tooth pain. While your little one may need dentistry for children rancho cucamonga to resolve the problem once and for all, the solutions above may ease the pain until the appointment time. These remedies are among the best home solution for children’s toothache pain.